Review of Chateau St. James Rehab and Retirement

2 Star User Review

Some of the rooms are deplorable condition with mold in closets and non working bathroom facility. Needs major remodeling. Some aids are down right "mean" and ugly to patients and handle them like they are rag dolls. While a few others are very pleasant and caring. Not sure of medicines were given correctly or at all on some days. No one moves at a fast pace, very non-chalant attitudes. I was very disappointed in their compassion to these elderly residents and made up my mind that my family will not be readmitted to this facility. However, I know some people have no other place to go so for them, I feel sorry, but glad that they have a bed to sleep in and food to eat. Believe me, I know it's not easy taking care of the elderly, I do it every day, but to these aids, it's just a job and that's sad. On a positive note, the therapy was above average.