Review of Chateau St. James Rehab and Retirement

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Promises promises. None kept. I wish my family had a choice. Plan to be there at least daily or more to ensure your loved one clean and has liquids. Nursing care could be performed better by a robot. The humans here overlook everything and some flat out refuse to check on your loved one even while you are standing there. Daily accepted practice is to ignore.

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OMG… Your family too. This should be reported. We couldn't even get a bandage changed on a "skin tear" received through a "transfer". We were told after we complained that the nurse wrote that she did. I wonder if anybody else out there willing to come forward. Most we talk to are afraid things get worse for their family. The truth about anything is near impossible to find out. It's all about the money, their profit and what's commonly called "CYA". Keep one step ahead cause we sure try to! Now 2 new administrators…. Wonder how they related, blood or otherwise to owner? Already had owners son's best friend then owners son …. Now we see owners portrait hanging all over building like he proud. Such a shame for all those residents. They deserve so much more. I sure hope this is true… "What goes around, comes around." Keep praying for a better day.