Review of Chateau St. James Rehab and Retirement

2 Star User Review

This facility is not much different then most elderly care facilities, even some of the private facilities. Having had a parent who was in 2 private assisted living facilities, and this nursing home I can tell you that they sell you on a process they supposedly use to care for your love one, but its never really followed in reality. You give them pinpoint details on how to handle your love one's medications, give details for the doctor and nurse to contact for any adjustments to the medicines, and they tell you "Great this is good information and we will make sure our nursing staff follows those instructions". Then 2days after your love one is living there, some doctor who they use, who doesn't know your love one from Adam, is making medication changes to your love one with know consultation with the doctor who has been treating them for years.

In addition, you call and visit almost every day and the staff tell you that your love one is doing great, and a day later (this is exact truth) they call you and tell you they are having behavioral problems for a while and they are sending him to Beacon behavioral Hospital to adjust his meds (WARNING !!!!! Do NOT Let your loved one go to this facility, see my review of that facility on their page

Staff is nice, but they don't do what they say they will do. Another example: you give them 4 contact numbers with1 being the primary contact and they never call the primary. You tell them again and emphasize it, and they still don't call the primary. You do it a third time and the next day they still don't do it.