Review of Chateau Living Center

1 Star User Review

I have to give this place one star because zero stars is not an option. Let's just say that I really thought that this place was decent because it is clean for the most part. However, after having my grandmother there for a year and a half, I can now say that it is a dump in every capacity. The medical staff is a mere joke, as all of the diagnosis given to my grandmother totally contradicted her hospital visits and her entire medical history for 98 years prior to her being here. They loaded her with endless psych meds and continually said that we were a family in denial and that she had dementia. One thing is for sure… every time a family member came to see her, she was sitting in feces and/or urine which we changed, not the medical staff, which led to endless infections and more and more meds. She died last year and my only regret is having placed her here for her final time on this earth. We met countless times with management and our concerns were dismissed and nothing ever improved. Think twice about putting your loved one here because it is truly a hell on earth.