Review of Chateau Living Center

1 Star User Review

I am frustrated with the fact that I have been forced to placed my mother in a home that is unethically ran. I am grateful to be able to be there with her on daily basis to followup on her. I just can't seem to help to notice that so many others are being overlooked, and abused. My mother has been in the facility not even a month and already they have had over 6 major fall incidents, that I am aware of. I just don't see how 2 C.N.A.'s can care for 40 residents at a time. Just cannot possibly give the proper care to each and every resident is paying for and deserves. C.N.A.'s are so rude when asked to help, and I figured someone to be employed in the position should and would have the warmest heart. Just cannot possibly give the proper care they are paying for and deserve. It's sad to say that so many innocent people are suffering because no one will stand up and do the right thing. Figure the person running the facility would have molded a loving home for each and every resident here, and would expect nothing but the best. I am just disappointed because I have heard such great expectations of the facility, and in my experience I can not say the same. I love my mother and so happy that I am able to followup to make sure she gets the correct treatment she deserves. I pray that someone makes that change for the better for each and everyone here where my mother lays her head.