Review of Belle Vie Living Center

5 Star User Review

Belle Vie neglected and abused my father and he was only there for less than 72 hours. He sat in feces for 2 hours being told that "we are busy picking up food trays, you'll have to wait." He asked for water that is nectar thick and was given water that was thicker than pudding. My family has been treated like trash with this facility. Oh, and no one knows who the Nurse Administrator is. I was told last night that "We don't have a boss or nurse manager/administrator on call, we are in charge." "You, a nurses aide is in charge?" "Yes." If they treat my father like this, I feel for those who are there that do not have any advocates. After all of this happened yesterday, he was rushed to the Emergency Room due to infection and high fever. Oh, I wonder why??? BECAUSE YOU LEFT HIM SITTING IN HIS FECES FOR 2 HOURS TREATING HIM LIKE A PIECE OF TRASH. He now has 4 horrible bed sores. Shame on you Belle Vie - legal action will be taken against you. My dad was only there for less than 72 hours and the list of horrors go on. DO NOT take your loved one here.