Review of Nottingham Regional Rehab Center

1 Star User Review

My father was there temporarily for rehab. He is incontinent. Mom went in early to be there before breakfast and found unidentified black stuff on his pillow. He also had poop on his topsheet. She asked the morning nurse about this…the nurse was rude to her telling her she wasn't there last night. The cna's do NOT make rounds like they are supposed to. The nurses do not care about the residents. I asked for a mat by my dad's bed (because he is a fall risk), and told yes, they would get one. Four days later, still no mat by his bed. My parents are in their 80's…I would never treat anyone the way they have been treated at this place. If he has to go to rehab again, it will NOT be Nottingham!!!! Find another place for your loved one!!!!