Review of Nottingham Regional Rehab Center

1 Star User Review

I definitely do not recommend this facility. I gave it one star because most of the staff who work directly with patients were kind, considerate, and very hard-working. But they appeared to be over-worked and not well supported, so their patients suffered as a result. There were often not enough basic supplies (bandages, wipes, gloves, thickeners) available, so staff had to go to distant parts of the facility to get them. Sometimes they were too busy to fetch supplies, so patients just did without changing or fluids. There didn't seem to be any system to ensure all staff were aware of what the doctor and therapists had ordered. The nurse on the first shift gave all medications, supplements and treatments as prescribed, while we often had to remind later shifts about what was ordered--especially when there had been changes. Each time, they looked it up and admitted they were unaware of what had been prescribed. Our loved one had several choking incidents because the wrong foods were offered, even though there was a slip on the food tray stating which foods were safe. We never felt there was a definite plan of care or any organized, effective communication between caregivers, medical staff, and family, though we did our best to meet everyone and report our concerns. We were on the waiting list at two other facilities when our dear loved one died at Nottingham, after declining day after day over the previous month.