Review of Carrington Place of Baton Rouge

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Incompetence at its best. Stayed here for three weeks and moved to Landmark of Baton Rouge. Food is bad, smell is bad, nurses do not give prescribed meds. I actually heard a nurse make a drug deal on the phone in my mom's bathroom.

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I read your review and I have to agree. My friend was there on Hospice care and when one nurse was on duty he would always tell me he was hurting and her excuse for not giving him his pain medication was "he was sleeping". We repeatedly asked her to wake him up. I'm convinced she was taking his prescriptions and selling them. I also thought they simply didn't feed him for a couple of weeks before he died. I heard from him and other patients that the call button is useless because they take hours to answer it. I reported this to the Hospice Nurse. I don't think it mattered.