Review of Carrington Place of Baton Rouge

1 Star User Review

You should not send a loved one here. The nurses are not polite (there are some good nurses) and the patients are neglicted. My family ensures that our loved one is visited two the three times a day to ensure there is proper care. Not only do they not receive fresh water, their food if often left in their room for hours have it has been servered. My father's clothes are not changed, he is not helped with everyday grooming--the family has to do this. The nurses do not repond to the call button. I have timed this and it has on many occassions taken over 45 minutes for the nurse to arrive after the call button is depressed. My father is in a serious situation where his life could be threatened if the nurses to not respond to him! I will say that the people in the physical therepy section are very nice and helpful.