Review of Capitol House Nursing and Rehab Center

1 Star User Review

Nursing home only for profit. Many of staff only do what they can get by doing. Quality care not up to standard. Limited or no physical therapy for bed ridden . Halls smell llike feces or urine. Halls conjested with soiled laundry containers and chairs on any given day. Website has many untruths. Unlicensed Cna performs wound care at times. Some do not get baths. Those that do not have close family, do not get the best of quality care. Many deaths. Some shifts overnight often sleep on job. Respiratory ignore distress beeps at times. Communication problems within staff. Patients have got wrong medicine at times. Those that are fed by stomach tube have at time got wrong type of bottled liquid. Nurse shortage. Nurses working in excess of sixteen hours at times. Cna working double shifts. Quality rating is 1 on a 5 point scale as mentioned by the US Medicaid Center..