Review of St James Place Nursing Care Center

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Several minutes ago I submitted a review and meant select a one star rating rather than 4 star rating. Please correct. Here is the review I submitted.

Although they continually boast that they have a higher than average patient to staff ratio, this is very hard to believe when you are there. Makes you wonder if the large staff are primarily for administration rather than nursing care. Our experience with the aides was better than with the nurses. It seems to be common practice for the nurses to take lunch/dinner breaks with no coverage for them while they are gone. Just the other night my father needed morphine during the night and it took 45 minutes to find the nurse. It was 4:45 in the morning and an aide said that the nurse would be available after she

finished "feeding" a patient. Turns out that she was on her lunch break.

St. James spends a great deal of time and money on public relations and very little on the actual care of the patient. Please do NOT be taken in by the slick image.