Review of Maquoketa Care Center

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I went into my dads nursing home today to pay my monthly $4600. care bill at the Maquoketa Care Center 1202 German St., Maquokets , Iowa I came upon on a no gun sighn at the front door. i talked to the manage who said it was tyhe Nursing Association. Sehe asked me if i was carryinh. I was not. She said she doesnt want guns in there. I said i'd take my dad out (I PAY) she shrudged and said go ahead. So I will.

Jackson County in Iowa had been a shall issue since 1972 and has issued carry permits. iowa recenty went to a total all issue state as of Jan 1st. It is not up to the County Sherif anymore.

any way i was upset, I have had a carry permit since 1972 and now it is not permitted to see my dad?