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These ratings and user reviews of Prairie Lakes Health Campus will help you pick the best nursing home in Noblesville, Indiana. All our reviews are written by users like you, and are not available anywhere else! See what patients of Prairie Lakes Health Campus, their friends, their families, and their loved ones have to say about their experiences with this nursing home.

Prairie Lakes Health Campus Noblesville IN- High rate of employee turnover from the top down resulting in inconsistent and substandard care for the entire facility. Before signing on the dotted line, do a thorough investigation of this facility… Full Review

I cannot stress how important it is to do an assessment of your own if you are planning to place a family member in any nursing home. Prairie Lake Health campus DOES NOT provide quality care to long term residents or to those that cannot speak… Full Review

Prairie Lakes is the primary reason I am recovering from a fractured ankle. The administration is always present for questions. The nurses are professional and the aides are compassionate, sincere, and caring. The P.T. and O.T. therapists were… Full Review

Prairie Lakes Health Campus exceeded our expectations! The staff is super friendly and attentive to the residents. The food and whole dining experience fabulous! If you don't like what's on the menu that day, the chefs will make whatever you… Full Review

Prairie Lakes Health Campus in Noblesville: Deficient and negligent with regard to the care of their long term residents. The current management team, contracted physicians, Trilogy Health and Hancock Regional (owner of Prairie Lakes HC) are… Full Review

Inconsistent quality of care, the management team is not professional or customer service oriented, patient safety is not first and foremost for this facility, theft of resident's personal belongings increased in 2015. Prairie Lakes contracts… Full Review

Don't place your family member at Prairie Lakes. Their management team is unqualified and has no empathy for the residents or families they serve. They are not a happy group of people and seem to go out of their way to make life miserable… Full Review

I reviewed this facility approximately 10 days ago giving it a negative review with very specific complaints that were accurate and met the guidelines as outlined in your criteria...just wondering why you've only published 1 glowing "dated… Full Review

When selecting any nursing home or health care facility, it is important to note that the facility is only as good as the administration will allow. Over the last 31/2 years, Prairie Lakes Health Campus has had an extremely high turnover rate… Full Review

I absolutly love this place. We have looked at many and my Mother has been at another facility for 2 yrs before coming here. The staff and care is so much more than we got elsewhere and the food is GREAT. They make you fel special and they… Full Review

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