Review of Green Valley Care Center

5 Star User Review

Melody and I provide Karaoke entertaiment to senIor facilities including Green Valley. Melody was also a resident in therapy there for a month, so we speek with some experience. First of all let me comment on April who the activities director and her assistant, Kelsey. They are so pleasant to work with, hands on with the resident activities and by observations the residents are very fond of them. Now for management and staff. The are all great. They say greatness trickles down from the top and I belived this. The facitly is clearna nd professionally operated.

The nursing staff that I have dealt with are patient and totally involved in the care of assistance to the residents. The cafeteria and maintenance are friendly, provide excellent product and service. They have all been very accomodating to us, and as we noted visitors and most of all to the residents. We are very proud to be blessed to be a small part of a fantastic organizatioin. Thank you. Green Valley