Review of Mulberry Health & Rehabilitation Center

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Beware of their Administrative Staff. If you don't have a "cookie cutter" family member that you are trying to find care for, I wouldn't recommend this facility. If you do not meet their expecations of the type of patient they want in their facility, they will find a way to make you move on.

Having said that, their nursing staff and therapists that we were involved with were wonderful. But the nursing staff is directed by their DON and you don't want to cross her or you will be looking for a new facility.

You can't judge a book by it's cover (website or looks of the facility from the outside). Once you are admitted you start to see what it is really like on the inside……

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I know what you mean I had the same experience there with my mother…. Do they not understand it hard enough to trust a facility with your loved ones care and then to be totally heartless in their communications and actions toward the family. I hope that you were able to find a facility that was better able to meet your expectations. We need to form a patient's advocate group just to let these facilities know that they we are human and not just #'s and dollar signs. Our animals get more respects than our loved ones!