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This home is in great need for new interior. The odor that comes from the home is not sanitary. Most of the staff is friendly, but some are very rude. Compasion is something needed in a home like such, in which I felt none when I visited my family. I have been let know several times that my family recieved the wrong medication as well as her personal belongings have come missing. The kitchen staff was very rude to me and my mother. The nurses on day shift seemed very friendly, more so than the staff I met in the evening shifts. I think the home seemed to be very understaffed. My opinion is made from observations and also when I spoke with a niteshift nurse that told me she never had time to take care of people the way she felt they needed. That would make the DON very negligent. I have reported these things to the state. I moved my mother from this home as well.

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My experiences with this nursing home (and I use that term lightly) are much the same as the writer. My mother died on Sunday, August 5, 2012 in Arbor Grove Village, an American Senior Community facility. After my brother found my mother in the early afternoon with a "navy blue" right arm from the elbow to the tips of her fingers, the two R.N.'s on staff at that time determined that my mother "was faking it" and refused to call in a doctor, even though they told my brother earlier in the afternoon that they were going to do so. Later that evening after my mother died, one of the R.N.'s (the who had performed CPR on my mother even though my mother's POA had signed a DNR order) told my daughter that "every day I work here I am putting my license on the line." This was just the final episode in my mother's life at Arbor Grove Village. Ironically, the R.N. who performed CPR on my mother, as well as the CNA who was the last nurse to see my mother when she sat her up in her wheelchair for supper, resigned the next day. The R.N., reportedly, went to work immediately for another Health & Rehab Center near Greensburg. A complaint has been filed with the Indiana State Department of Health, Long-Term Care Division. Our experience with Arbor Grove Village is that communication is seriously flawed, the facility appears to be seriously under-staffed, staff turnover is alarming, and some of the staff have no business working with the elderly given their attitudes. In the 16 months that my mother was in this facility, there were at least 3 DON's, not to mention the turnover in the executive director position, social worker position, and the business office. After one complaint which we filed on May 18, 2012, regarding my mother's poor hygiene care (she was not being prepared for bed each evening, and often wore the same clothes and Depends for several consecutive days), the DON refused to meet with my daughter at the appointed time to go over the complaint. We heard nothing more from Arbor Grove about this earlier complaint. American Senior Communities needs to take a hard look at closing this facility for the good of the resident and the sake of their reputations. A facility that does not provide nursing care should not market itself as a NURSING HOME. We had our mother on a waiting list for a new facility which is having difficulty getting approved by the Indiana Department of Health. Unfortunately, our mother did not live to experience what, hopefully, would have been a much more dignified and caring facility. In summary, I believe that the care of our elderly in nursing homes is morally unacceptable. Perhaps that is because our society has become morally bankrupt and older people have no value in our society. What a terrible shame. We all need to join together to do something about this issue before we, too, become victims.