Review of Integrity Health Care of Wood River

1 Star User Review

I am a resident here. In the past months there has been several times that the nurses have forgotten my medication. I am not talking about aspirin but my insulin and other important doctor ordered medication. This happened twice in this week alone. The last time the nurse has marked it as given. Wow, It is so easy to falsify their records, if I hadn't said anything and had a video to prove it, no one would have known. Many nurses here are incompetent and make serious mistakes and/or purposely withhold pain medicating if we complain. I have been told by Carla the Administrator that there is a nurse shortage. This is no excuse to keep bad nurses. Many residents are unable to communicate. When I make a complaint I am told "Well no one else complained." DUH! I think they count on this and use it as an excuse not to fix the many problems that are here. If you do have a loved one here keep on top of their care. If you don't I promise you many times their care will be less than adequate.