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I have read through these reviews and I think it is a shame that ex employees come on here and write reviews. I tried to post this reposne a week ago but I am not great with computers.

I moved my mother to tower hill about 6 years ago and I visit about once a week. When I brought mom here she was out of state with a family member and being neglected. the family member was only keeping her for her money. there were a lot of issues with money and Kendra worked hard on her case for a couple years and got the Medicaid approved. I read these and feel bad that she gets a bad rep from staff. she is the only upper management I see walking around and telling staff to get the resident pull lights. I know there has been changes in some staff and I hope it is for the better but right now she is the only one with a presents.

sorry this was so long. I recommend tower hill and they do a good job.


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sorry I offended you. I do not spend all day there. I am not sure who the three people you listed are. I am just an old 60 year old lady that visits every day.

I am really sorry you are so mad. I stand by what I said and I think it is saad you attacked me like this.


This place is full of lazy workers from the administrator all the way down to the CNAs. It is going down fast, hoping they will shut this facility…

This is a joke!

She is not the only head department member to make a presence on the floor. Yes she walks around barking orders at the staff to get call lights but that is only because she is walking to and from her office to go outside and smoke. She spends more time in her car smoking then actually working. If you were here all day you would see that.

There are other head department members like Ali, Vicky, Emily who instead or barking or yelling at staff will actually go and help the staff answer the call lights when they are on the floor.