Review of Veracare Burbank

1 Star User Review

DO NOT SEND YOUR LOVED ONE HERE!!!! This place is sooo bad. They do not have heat. It is always out. My love one was here just recently when it was the coldest days in January and there was no heat in most of the facility. They were moving the residents around daily because of it. THE FOOD IS AWFUL!!!. When we took the tour the director told that the food was good. Lies all Lies. It is barely edible. The staff wouldn't even eat it themselves. They did not following any of the standard protocol. My loved one was released without prescriptions for critical medication that were needed. The social worker Eric Bobila lied about contacting my love one's doctor and about taking care of the medication. I do have to say that some of the nurses were very nice and tried to be very helpful. Thank you to them. We tried call them to get them to help with the issue with the med's but they kept giving the runaround and then the just wouldn't take the call. They would just hang up on me. I say it again..if you are considering this place DON'T DO IT!!

P.S One star is too much