Review of Winder Health Care & Rehab Center

4 Star User Review

The staff is very helpful and treats the residents like they are family. The owner goes above and beyond to help the residents and their family. The residents are always fed and clean. They always have something going on for the residents to do and families are always welcome no matter what time of day or night. The staff communicates with family to keep you informed as to what is going on. Every staff member speaks and offers to help when you need something. Food is what you would normally eat at home and if resident doesn't want what they have cooked the staff keeps trying different things until they find something that the resident will eat. Great place and Great staff. I would recommend here for anyone. Children are always welcome to visit and the residents love it. Several people have brought their family members pets to visit and all the residents love this. All the residents and their family members and staff and their family members seem like one huge family. You get a feeling of love from everyone there. You can tell the staff cares about one another and the residents and their families and vice versa. Great place to be!!!!!!!