Review of Rosemont at Stone Mountain

2 Star User Review

My mother has been at Rosemont for almost two years. While the CNAs and support staff are caring, they are extremely overworked. The staff-to-patient ratio is among the highest I've seen. Even when census (head count) numbers were up, they kept the ratio at the absolute maximum limit allowed by the State of Georgia for months instead of adding staff as their occupied bed numbers increased.

As a matter of fact, if it weren't for the CNA staff, a couple of the charge nurses and their commitment to the patients, I would have relocated my mother to another facility in 2014. They work tirelessly and accommodate me to the best of their abilities. However, they simply are saddled with too many responsibilities and too many patients most times. My mother has had three UTI's (urinary tract infections) in the last 18 months!

The meal quality has declined, as I don't think they have a permanent Dietician at this time. The two cafeterias closest to the main entrance are well maintained during daytime business hours. This is when the families of potential patients are given tours. However, many evenings -- shortly after the dinner hour in particular -- the front entrance halls smell of feces or urine, because the small evening staff hasn't had a chance to change patients and get them ready for bed yet. They are too busy emptying the cafeteria of patients and piling them up in front of the nursing stations.

Most importantly, the wound care at this facility leaves a lot to be desired. Again, because staff members are stretched so thin, they simply are overwhelmed with duties designed for far more people.I have witnessed quite a few seasoned and capable employees leave to go elsewhere because of the workload and pay.

If your parents are at Rosemont, be there often and be vocal about the deficiencies in staffing and visitation accommodations (such as chairs or love seats for family members to sit on while chatting with a loved one)! Remember, THE SQUEAKY WHEEL GETS THE OIL!