Review of Laurel Park at Henry Medical Center

1 Star User Review

75% of the staff are compassionate and want to help the resident to return home able to take care of themselves. My experience with this facility is it is a one fits all program: when my mom was admitted it was over a week before we got any information on the "rules" of the facility, food is delivered cold, the likes and dislikes put down for meals is ignored, if you are bed ridden you are asked to wait to go to the bathroom while the staff is busy and told to just go in the diaper you have on, salt free diets she was given has potato chips and processed meats, no daily fresh fruit, waiting over two days to get a shower and it seems like after I asked for a chair to do it myself she will get one, she is severe anemic and has asked for a iron check several times and has not got one and yes I met with the staff to include a case worker and dietitian who would check into the things I have mentioned above and am still waiting to see any changes or any follow up on their end.