Review of Southland Health and Rehabilitation

1 Star User Review

Once a patient is put in here, they are virtually ignored. My mother was placed here with the intentions of receiving acute rehab therapy after a stroke. Very little emphasis is placed on rehab. She is virtually treated as if she is in the nursing home, and not a good nursing home at that. My mother-in-law had a stroke and was in rehab at Piedmont Hospital downtown. They worked with her twice a day, EVERY day. The doctor's told us the longer she just laid there, the harder it would be for her recovery. She has gotten worse since she's been there. We spend from approx. 1:00 in the afternoon until 9:00 at night with our mother. During that time, no one even peeps in to check on her until they bring her medicine around 8:00pm. We paid the very first day she was there to have her hair washed, cut and set. They gladly took the money, but four days later, still no hair cut. She is currently unable to feed herself yet they bring a tray in and leave it. She will drink water, but right now is unable to pick up the water herself either. I feel sure she doesn't get a thing to drink or eat until we show up. Can't imagine what would have to a patient that had no family to come in to take care of them. Please don't send your family to a place like this unless there are no other options. Can't wait to get her out of there!