Review of Signature Healthcare at Tower Road

4 Star User Review

I was at Kindred as a therapy patient following hip replacement. While I concur with much of what the previous reviewer said, I can't agree to such a low rating. My observations are as follows:

1 - Yes, the physical facility has some problems. It is older construction that has been renovated and upgraded, likely several times. This leads to some predictable problems. There are hot and cold spots throughout the building and if you happen to end up in a room near one of the large heating/air-conditioning vents, temperature control is nightmarish. It was a nightly experience to go from freezing cold before the heat kicked on to pouring perspiration shortly thereafter. However, I expect that situation affects a very few rooms.

2 - Yes, the nursing staff, both RNs and Nurse Assistants, are short-handed. That is a nationwide problem that affects hospitals and nursing facilities alike. I did not see any particular indication of burn-out on the part of the staff, although it was apparent that they were stressed at times. Nonetheless, they made a very acceptable effort at answering my requests for help. I was particularly impressed by the members who were obviously not native English-speakers. While they didn't always understand my requests, they took the time and showed the patience to determine what I wanted. At the very worst, they went out and found other staff personnel who could understand me.

3 - Food services was passable. Portions were small (nothing wrong with that, considering how inactive I was) and the selection was mediocre. Nonetheless, most meals were palatable and food services personnel went out of their way to ensure that I was satisfied following meals. I expect they're on a very tight budget and, if so, they're doing a good job of it.

4 - The therapy staff, both physical therapy and occupational therapy, were outstanding. I was most impressed by their empathy with the patients. The therapists were aware of the times in which patients needed to put forth more effort, of the times at which a patient had hit his or her limit, and particularly aware of those times in which a patient was pushing too hard and needed to be pulled back or slowed down. I can only speak for myself in this respect, but the results were outstanding. The surgeon removed me from all restrictions within two months of surgery, stating that I was well ahead of schedule and the therapy had apparently been excellent.

5 - My meetings with management personnel were both cordial and professional. They seemed to be genuinely interested in my concerns and listened attentively to suggestions. This includes the resident MD, who was outstanding.

6 - Should I need to have the left hip or left knee replaced in the next year or so, which is very possible, I will be requesting to return to Kindred as soon as the hospital can release me.