Review of Pruitthealth - Lilburn

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I was a patient here after an injury. Not only are the staff abusive, but they take joy in refusing to help you when you have a problem. The facility is under staffed during the day at night it is much worse imagine 20 patients to every 1 CNA. Go to Fox 5 news for a story on this place where a CNA beat a patient on Christmas Day of 2015. The cna's put 2-3 diapers at a time on patients so they don't have to change them as often. I personally caught my nurse stealing my pain medicine, and she didn't even get suspended they just said that there was not enough evidence, even though I gave them the pill she gave me, come to find out they threw it away and then denied that I ever gave it to them. If you hate your family members and want them to die from neglect put them here. If you love them find a way to take care of them at home. This is the worst, .let abusive, neglectful place. 90% of the people that work there are terrible human beings that should be put in jail for hate crimes against the elderly.