Review of Arrowhead Health and Rehab

1 Star User Review

No one deserves to die in that place. My Dad was there for 6 and 1/2 months. Never saw a podiatrist, he is a diabetic. We were told they come once a month, then we were told they have to be on a list, then we were told the Doctor has to sign off for him to be seen, then we were told they only come every 3 months. He received an eye exam, a month later no one could tell us what happened to his glasses, what the Doctor found out, if he had ordered glasses. When we left 2 months later. There was no record of him even seeing a Doctor. We went through 20 pairs of socks, and nice shirts dissappeared. When the CNA cleaned the patients up dirty clothes and linen were left in the room and even on the bed with patients in the bed. People deserve better. I would give them 0 stars but it want submit without a star.