Review of Rockdale Healthcare Center

1 Star User Review

My mother was at this faciliy beacause she fracture her hip and was there

for physical therapy. On the first day every one seem very caring and accomodating.I did not like that the place did not have enough light,with elderly

living there that could be very depressing and not safe.

My mother was there for one week and became very dehydrated and was near

Kidney Failure until my sister and brother moved her out straight to the Emergency Room at Rockdale Hospital.The doctor said one more day and my

mother would've had Kidney Failure.She was forced to do her physical therapy

even in the condition she was in, although she told them she did not feel well. My

sister found my mother sitting on her own waste when she arrived there and

was horrified at the sight not knowing how long my mother was in that condition.

My observation of this place is family members must be present at all times so

that the staff is aware that they are under a watchful eye at all times.