Review of Hill Haven Nursing Home

2 Star User Review

August 2013: I was very impressed when I visited Hill Haven. Everyone was friendly and I sensed a warmth and compassion from staff to nurses to CNAs. In addition, the rooms would be ideal for my mother, who is basically blind, nearly deaf, and has dementia. They had six beds available. I sent in her application the next day, and had all the other necessary forms to them a week later. My phone conversations every few days with the admissions director were cordial. I was pleased when two weeks after my visit we scheduled her admission for the following week. The next day it was canceled. No explanation, no reason other than “We can’t meet her needs.” The administrator refused to take or return my phone calls. She made the director of Mother’s PCH wait on hold 15 minutes twice, before curtly repeating the same words I had heard. I am glad I discovered this rude and unprofessional behavior before moving my mother in to such a facility.