Review of Pruitthealth - Lanier

4 Star User Review

Horrible! Horrible! Horrible!

Short staff (but say they're not). Too many double shifts worked by employees. Too many PRN workers. Personally witnessed midnight staff sleeping while call lights went unanswered. Bedridden residents do NOT get bathed regularly and their hair is not washed. Supplies are not routinely provided to residents even though their monthly rate includes these items. Staff is allowed to carry and use their personal cell phones anywhere and anytime. Residents that are mobile, walking or wheelchair, are not allowed free range within facility common areas. Staff constantly directs them to their room. Residents are rarely offered a drink of water by the staff. The water pictures are filled with ice and placed in their room, but no assistance is given with drinking. The water pictures are too large and therefore too heavy for most residents to handle (dehydration and UTI's). Makes me wonder if this facility is given an operating budget and if they come in under budget somebody gets a big bonus?? The shower chair is too old and the cut out area for their bottoms is too hard and sharp for their fragile skin.

One more important thing, you can't count on the state investigators/surveyors to be of assistance when you file a complaint on behalf of your loved one because no matter how much documentation or evidence you have (even broken bones and horrific bruising). Amazing fact is the facility never seems to know how it happened. They report it as "unexplained", or the resident did it to themselves. It's a C.Y.A. operation. The state always decides based on documentation provided by the facility; employee interviews and nurses notes. Doesn't matter what you tell them you witnessed. You have to visit your loved one everyday and at different times. Never let them know what time you're coming. That's the only way you can help protect and ensure their well-being.