Review of Pruitthealth - Virginia Park

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I have to say that my experience with Briarcliff Haven has been an aggravating and worrisome one, thanks in part to the incompetent administrator, Shirley Pass. My grandmother-in-law has been a resident of the facility since summer 2011. Unfortunately, Mrs Shirley Pass has refused to give out any information to any members of the family except to my mother-in-law, who enrolled her in the facility. We have attempted to obtain the admission contract and reports regarding my grandmothers health, plus billing issues, as we know that my mil didn't set up the trust correctly. We finally discovered a bill that indicated 5 months of non-payment of the patient liability. My husband and I visit the facility every Sunday. We have left contact information for Shirley Pass and have never been contacted by her nor received any letters regarding the care of our grandmother nor any billing issues. I finally decided to pay her a visit at her office to clarify the billing. As soon as she steps into the office she verbally attacks me, tells me that my husband is going to jail for using "his grandmothers account, and that she wanted the money asap. She proceeded to make a series of false claims (all of which can be verified to be false) as to our bank accounts and assets. She made a series of racial remarks regarding how she knows "people like us" as my husband is white and I'm Hispanic, she stated that our grandmother doesn't even have shoes (also false.) She stated that she had gotten the police involved and that they were watching him retrieve money from HIS OWN ACCOUNT, and that we were abusing our grandmother by not paying her nursing home bills. Not only was she making outlandish, false accusations. She was also making them against someone who has no responsibility whatsoever over the nursing home bill. When asked about showing paperwork, name of case workers, the name of the bank officials who had "frozen" our assets (also false) and giving her information on our private accounts, she refused to and finally gave me a series of made up numbers. I asked about the admissions contract and she refused to provide it. i asked her about the trust and then the story was that it couldn't be changed and that we didn't have power of attorney. When asked why didn't she send a social worker over to pay a visit to the POW holder (my mil) she stated that she knows "for a fact" that mil is sick and that is why she is not being held responsible. Mrs Pass also spoke in a most unprofessional and hostile manner similar in demeanor to people under the influence of crack. I asked to see the detailed medical reports and asked her why she never returned our calls or call our number, and why she never answered previous inquiries regarding our grandmothers personal needs (such as clothing and personal items) and she replied that their policy is not to inform others except power of attorney. Meanwhile she kept ranting that we "was going to jail" and warned me not to take action against the nursing facility or try to move our grandma because she was going to have a social worker take over her care and forbid us from seeing her. Coincidentally, during this same period I noticed our Grandmother declining in spirits and appear to be very angsty and out of it. Like she wasn't being given her medications. Our grandmother is usually very lucid and aware but ha not been like that during the past 2 visits we made to the nursing home. I asked Mrs. Pass about this and she got very nervous and tried to steer the conversation back to how my husband was going to jail, how we are responsible for her care and how we have ransacked her assets. She claimed that she had access to ALL of our bank accounts. When I asked her who was feeding her this private info, she blamed it on the social worker. Right now I am working with our attorney, who specializes in elder law, to take action against this facility and move our grandmother to a better facility. I'm really worried that being as incoherent and deceptive as Mrs. Shirley Pass is, she might retaliate against our grandmother.