Review of Consulate Health Care of Winter Haven

2 Star User Review

I gave them 2 stars because they actually did a wonderful job with my Moms physical recovery. However, my Mother is more then that! Mentally and emotionally she was a wreck. My Mother was being heavily medicated to the point it was making her an emotional wreck which isn't hard since she has Dementia. I will say this…..consulate did a wonderful job in insuring her leg healed and totally ignored her emotional well being. Certain staff members were very good and some were not so good! You find this everywhere you go. This is my thoughts on it, Consulate of Winter Haven needs to treat their Patients as a whole person and not just the injured part. Healing my Mothers injury ,but letting her mentally break down is not healing ! Also when I called to get information a few members of the staff blew me off. Which red flagged me to be concerned.