Review of Colonial Lakes Health Care

1 Star User Review

ORMC made the ambulance driver wait an hour so they would be sure that this facility had everything in place when my wife arrived. They said all of her medications would be waiting there for her and not to worry about any interruptions in her therapy. She had a severe disc bulge and some disc degeneration. She was unable to bend or lay flat on a bed.

When she arrived they had nothing ready and three hours later in severe pain needed to be picked up by ambulance to go back to the hospital in worse pain than she had nine days earlier when she first arrived at the hospital for her original therapy. We now need to start from day one with high dose steroidal meds for the inflammation, higher dose narcotic meds for the pain, muscle relaxers for spasms, and anesthetic patches for more pain relief. All three hours there, nothing was done, no doctor was present, no nurse was available, we were left to die or disappear. Stay clear of Colonial lakes health center, it is only a place to go to die a miserable death.