Review of Addington Place at Wellington Green

1 Star User Review

NuVista almost killed my mother! She has a variety of health issues but she came in walking with some assistance and left 10 days later bed ridden. I was out of town for four days and in that time she developed an infection and pneumonia so she could not communicate via the phone. They told me time and time again that she is “doing fine” and there is no need for concern and they are well equipped to treat her. When I finally got there the day I returned my mother was completely incoherent, lying in urine and feces and laboring to breath. They continued to tell me she was fine and there was no need (or way) to have her transferred to a facility that could treat her. I never saw a registered nurse although they say she was seen by one but never a doctor. They refused to transfer her until I told them they either would or I would simply call 911. After I said that, the doctor magically was able to transfer her to JFK where she was put in ICU and I was asked to sign a DNR order. If I had not advocated aggressively, it is my belief NuVista would have let my mother die in that bed.