Review of Addington Place at Wellington Green

4 Star User Review

My mother was at Nu Vista for a period of time in April - May 2013. I have to agree with some of the other reviews. The nurses and aides aren't staying on top of the medications that should be given. My mother had several physiological issues that they were not able to manage effectively or in a timely manner. I had private aides with her also that were letting me know what was going on regularly. For one thing, they were giving my mother medication for constipation while she had diarrhea. The private aide alerted me and I had to go in and stop them. My mother's H & H was down to 7.6 after blood was drawn at 5:30am. I came in at 1pm to meet with the nurse practitioner. She pulled the lab report and said "Oh my God" we have to get her back to the hospital right away for another blood transfusion. That should have been taken care of much sooner.