Review of Addington Place at Wellington Green

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At this moment my mother's best friend is in this establishment. I'm happy with the cleanliness and atmosphere but the nurses and the CNAs could be quicker to assist the patients to the restroom. At first it was very frustrating because medications were late and the night shift was busy so she missed 2 doses of her medications. The nurse practitioner is very informative and helpful when the doctor isn't around. Case worker stated my mother's best friend would be there for about another 3 weeks, yet, they have been saying that for the past 2 weeks now. We'll see how this goes. So far I'm not too impressed and other residents seem to be complaining of the same issues as we are. From what I hear, the discharge/going home process is a nightmare! If anyone on here has been through the process and has advice PLEASE let me know! Other resident having been telling us "good luck".

I will try and update once we have her home safe and sound!

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NuVista Living is a Standard License Assisted Living Community which limits the amount of care provided by staff. In our case we offer 2 hours. Online posts are difficult to respond to since there is no real accounting of the story. As management and ownership at NuVista I take complaints and or concerns about service personally. I am familiar with all of our families who live at NuVista. I would invite anyone to call me directly to deal with any customer service or care issues. Dean: 561-254-5686. We are 5 star care, service and strive for perfection everyday. Our occupancy speaks to the level of satisfaction we really have since our community is rental and all residents have the ability to give notice at any time.