Review of Concordia Village of Tampa

1 Star User Review

I was admitted on 3/17/17 after having surgery for a broken femur. Upon arriving early evening, I was immobile and desperately needed assistance and equipment, which I was denied until being evaluated. Had a horrific night, not being allowed to have my pain medication and excruciatingly being forced to use a bedpan, as well as being kept awake all night by the other tenant in the room keeping her TV playing loudly while she slept. My family had to summon help the next morning.

There are a few very qualified and competent healthcare workers, but to many it’s just a job and they frankly don’t care. There is incompetence with some of the staff, and the facility is understaffed, especially on weekends, which causes even less care to patients. There is only one private room in the facility; all others are doubles, which becomes miserable and unbearable when you get a particularly annoying one. The in-nutritious meals are the same for everybody, no matter what your dietary needs are. I left there anemic, which I have never been in my life.

The staff and employees are very inconsiderate, talking loudly outside rooms while patients try to sleep. Doors are left open many times after visits from aides/attendants during the night, further disturbing sleep. This is a rehab/long term care/nursing home facility. Not a good mix! It is a very doom and gloom atmosphere for the most part. They have a good staff of physical therapists, if you’re there for rehab, but I cannot recommend John Knox Medical to anyone who is trying to heal or needs special care. You won’t get it. You can’t heal and rehabilitate when proper care isn’t given or proper rest isn’t attained.