Review of Fairway Oaks Center

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My elberly aunt relates the lack of leadership; antiboitics that dont work & give her diarrhea, so the staff gives her milk & stool softeners & makes her feel guilty for the diarrhea, & they routinely forget her prescribed meds (blood thinners & others). CNA's that handle her like pro wrestlers & often take over an hour to respond to a call while they laugh & play video games down the hall. My aunt won't speak up but I will : complaining CNA's plus poor coordination between Doctors & staff (reguarding do's & don'ts on mixing some meds with foods) equals the idea that they don't want her to get better. There are a handfull of good caring staff members, but 80% or more treat her like a convict so I've had enough! Since FL has an endless supply of elderly money makers, you should help them get well in order to get good reviews instead of keeping them sick to bleed their bank accounts dry!