Review of Centre Pointe Health and Rehab Center

1 Star User Review

I would never send anyone here !! Most of the people that work here obviously do not like their jobs. My grandmother was in there for 2 weeks due to a broken hip and they did not brush her teeth, wouldnt put her hearing aids in , mixed up her clothes with everyone elses, over medicated here and would not help her to eat or drink yet , still giving her pain meds. They also had her walking down the hall when she was on a TOE TOUCH order from the DR. which ended up pushing her pin further into her hip She was told when she needed to go to the bathroom to just go and they would have her sitting in her own mess for hours. I lost my grandmother while in their care. Something happened and she went down and ended up in the E.R where we lost her. There are MANY people whom I talked to that has had the same experience here and it just breaks my heart. THIS PLACE SHOULD BE INVESTAGATED..