Review of Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Extended Care

1 Star User Review

On two completely different occasions TMH nearly killed both my mother and my father. My father was given 2 drugs that did not interact well, and after administering the drugs the "baby nurse" (fresh out of school) disappeared. They then proceeded to turn out the overhead lights in the "pod section" of the ER and there suddenly wasnt a soul around…not even cleaning staff. My fathers BP crashed and passed out (in other words - actively dying). While my mother tried her best to keep him awake (to no avail) I had to run down to the next "pod" section to get someone to help… this took over 5 minutes while my father was on the complete other side of the ER… I screamed and screamed for help and all the people did was stand there and give me blank looks. Finally, some one came up to me and asked "is there something wrong miss?" I was in shock… I told her…"well, yeah, my father is dying in the other wing that has been shut down and no one seems to care!" She said she would come and check on him and leisurely strolled down the hall…I imagined that she figured I was completely over reacting… however, when she got to the shut-down pod that we were in and saw his condition she finally went into action and went into a code blue. Luckily he was brought back…but still, a VERY unnecessary situation… oh and of course, our original RN was never seen in his room again.

Now as for my mother, she was suffering an active stroke when we arrived by our private car. I ran inside and told them the prognosis and that I needed either a gurney or at least a wheelchair. The girl at the front desk stood up slowly and said she would go look for one. She went through the back doors and I never saw her again. The other people at the front desk just sat there, instead of coming out to the car to check her condition… they just sat there and stared at me. I waited nearly 10 minutes and realized this was going to be a repeat of the incident with my father, so I closed my mothers car door and sped off to Capital Regional Hospital instead who took her immediately and admitted her. I WILL NEVER TRUST MY LIFE TO THIS HOSPITAL. ALL THE WORKERS THERE HAVE WHAT IS REFEREED TO AS THE "STATE WORKER MENTALITY." No one is in a hurry for ANY reason, just as long as they keep collecting their outrageous paychecks and benefits and are permitted to do the LEAST amount of work. PATIENT BEWARE!