Review of Hawthorne Health and Rehab of Sarasota

1 Star User Review

This place needs a serious overhaul and internal investigation in my opinion. There are many safety concerns I witnessed while there. One patient was almost given the wrong medication if the spouse was not there to correct them. She was my roommate. They also do not have enough safety measures in place to prevent accidents. No one would respond to the call lights sometimes. Especially in the over night shifts. The times the did respond were very lengthy. One time I waited 45 minutes for them to respond. I was left in the bathroom that whole time! I was on a diabetic diet and they did not give me diabetic food. One night for dinner I had a cold sandwich made with regular bread and grocery store baloney. I did not have one good meal the whole time I was there. If I had not had my family hire a outside caregiver I am not sure I would have made it out alive. The staff there seems very untrained and some are very unprofessional. They treated me like I was a burden each time I needed to use the bathroom. I am not a complainer and was very nice to them. I feel I needed to complain this time on this review. I need to let people know not to send their loved ones there until safety and training issues are addressed. Hopefully if enough people review this place we can prevent a tragedy from happening. This place is deceiving because it is beautiful on the outside and inside. I wish I could say the same about the safety and quality of care.