Review of Brookdale Palmer Ranch Skilled Nursing Facility

1 Star User Review

A one star rating is too many, but no stars was not an option.

I was told that the Palmer Ranch Place was one of the best nursing homes in Sarasota, so I was happy when my father was accepted into the facility, and the place was beautiful. My opinion quickly changed when I realized that my father was being abused. I noticed that he was acting very strangely after only one day. I asked one of the nurses which medicines he was giving him, and he showed me a list of narcotics that I had NOT given permission to dispense. I immediately told the nurse to stop those medications and I assumed my father would return to his normal self.

Unfortunately, things went from bad to worse. My father turned completely insane in a matter of 72 hours; he was unaware of his surroundings and I became frightened for his well-being. I spoke to several of the nurses that were on staff and they didn't seem concerned. A day later, I received a call from Palmer Ranch Place that my father had been transported to the emergency room for disorientation and combative behavior. I rushed to the hospital and the nurse at the hospital informed me that my father's catheter was not emptied the entire time he was staying at Palmer Ranch Place (which was a total of 4 days), and that the hospital staff emptied three liters of urine from his bladder! They explained to me that if he had gone any longer without relieving himself, his bladder would have exploded. Immediately after his bladder was emptied, he returned to his sane self. The fact that the staff there never checked his urine output the entire time of his stay there, was unfathomable.

I expect a nursing home to treat our loved ones with care; I was not going to tolerate the abuse and neglect that my father received, and I will never recommend this nursing home to anyone. I hope that this review will serve as a warning to others so that this will never happen to someone you love. As well, I can't help but think about those residents that don't have a health care surrogate to speak on their behalf.