Review of Heartland Health Care Center - North Sarasota

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This place is horrible!!!! My mom has been at this hell hole since her massive stroke. Several times when I've visited, staff members have been sitting around, not doing their job. Tonight, when I walked in, it was the usual person, sitting there on the couch, which I thought nothing of up until My mother informed me that the staff there, her CNA for the night, had left her soiled (FECAL MATTER) in her bed, since 5pm, I visited around 8:30pm! This is not the first incident or the first time they have ignored my mother's pleas to be cleaned. I have spoken with the Facility Director each time there is an issue and they still do nothing with their staff. This time I was able to take a video of the incident as it was unfolding. When I questioned my mother what had happened she explained to me that she notified her CNA that she was soiled, the CNA left the room and didn't come back. She then pushed the call box for the CNA again, requesting to be changed from her soiled bed and clothing, only this time, my mother had reached down and put her hand in her pants to show the staff she was soiled, with fecal matter on her hand. The nurse then proceeded to give my mother a towel for her left hand, knowing that she cannot use her right hand (it is weak and non functioning due to her stroke), and the nurse left the room again, and did not return! As I questioned the nurse at the front desk, I was sure to take video of our conversation as evidence, since this facility and their staff, clearly don't care about the residents, or their jobs! ***specifics***My mother Irene, has been a patient at Heartland North facility since December 22, 2013. January 28, 2014 the nurses and staff left my mother in bed, soiled all night. I called the Facility Director and din't get to speak with him until a few days had passed. He told me that he had spoken to his "staff member" and assured me it wouldn't happen again. February 20-25, 2013 the staff there started to give my mother meds "to help her sleep". March 5, 2014 my mother Irene got pneumonia from aspirating food. March 12, 2014, my mother, Irene had a black eye, which the nurses and staff assured me was from her glasses. March 20, 2014 the facility stopped giving my mother physical therapy, ot and speech, which is still very much needed, with very little explanation as to why. March 23, 2014, my mother fell and had a bruised cheek and black eye from her fall, which the facility director explained as an "accident while at the lunchroom table". March 26, 2014 my mothers face was still very badly bruised. April 6, 2014, my mother was complaining of pain in her right side, as the nurses explained to me that it might be the feeling coming back from the nerves that were damaged during the stroke, they promised me they'd take care of her and give her some pain meds. April 19, 2014, my mom was still complaining of pain in her arm and leg (right side) and that the meds were not helping much, pain was at lvl 8. I watched the nurse give my mother tramadol. April 20, 2014 my mother seemed extremely depressed and begged and cried for me to remove her from this facility! April 22, 2014, My mother informed me that the staff there hadn't washed her hair nor given her a shower in days! April 24, 2014, my mom was more depressed than ever! May 2, 2014 the nurses and staff left my mother soiled in her bed again!