Review of Healthcare and Rehab of Sanford

1 Star User Review

My grandparents were at this facility for one year. They both declined drastically both physically and cognitively during this time. My grandmother had several UTI infections due to staff not tending to her incontinent needs in a timely manner. There is no outside space for residents to enjoy or to get sunlight. When I asked if someone could take my grandfather out for 10 minutes (after he called me nearly in tears for feeling like he was in jail) the rude response I got was…."if we can find someone who has time ." I finally moved my grandparents into a Memory Care facility this week. I called and e-mailed several staff asking them to have medications and prescriptions ready to go, and to have my grandparent's personal belongings in order. Not only was nothing packed or organized, nothing was prepared for my grandparents to have their medications upon discharge. When I asked the nurse about the medications, her response was "Oh we don't do that here. The other place should have an emergency stash of medications if your grandparents need something." The staff at Sanford Healthcare and Rehab, particularly the Director and the Case Worker, were completely uncooperative with the new facility. The Case Worker lied and said "Their granddaughter said they didn't need their medications." Then the Case Worker refused to get on the phone with me when I called several times to address the lie. The new place had to personally contact the Nurse Practitioner personally after eight hours of getting no where with the Case Worker and Director, who also lied about the Nurse Practitioner calling the scripts in to the pharmacy, which never happened. The Nurse Practitioner stated she knew nothing about the situation, and she immediately called in the scripts so my grandparents could have their much-needed medications. BEWARE of this place, DO NOT leave your loved-ones in their care. They are liars and they do not take proper care of the residents.