Review of Carrington Place of St Pete

1 Star User Review

Carrington Place in St. Petersburg is for sure a place to stay away from. The food is horrible, they are lazy and will not take them to the dining room to eat or if eating in the room it arrives hours late and is cold. The entire wardrobe of clothes did not return to the room and lost forever, they do not care. The care is pathetic, no changing of the diapers or bedding, no time with the patient, no doctor to see the patient, no showers, and not one staff member cares. Every aid, tech, CNA, nurse, or any staff member says they do not know and passes the buck to another and another and another. This place is horrible - do not sent your loved one here. Cars were broken into so leave no valuables in the car, no reasonable parking whatsoever. The hand rails to either go up the steep steps or the handicap ramp are sticky and gross. The ashtrays in the front or the smoking area are not cleaned. Disgusting place!