Review of Port Orange Nursing and Rehab Center

4 Star User Review

I recently tried to have my 94 year old aunt admitted to Port Orange Rehab and Nursing Home in Port Orange Florida. She had been there before having suffered a fracture to her pelvis and clavicle. After initially being told she could be transferred back after a second fall resulting in a fractured hip the management changed their mind the last minute. They would not give her a second chance because on the earlier occasion there she had been agitated during the rehab process after suffering a stroke. This time she had broken a hip and needed some rehab and long term care. They refused admission with no plausible explanation. The executive director demonstrated a lack of compassion and inability to understand some of the issues the elderly have to endure to get good residential care. I would not recommend this facility to anyone. They will take your loved one until the medicare benefits come close to running out and transfer them as fast as they can when the dollars feeding them is drying up. They do not listen very well to family concerns. I would give this facility 0 stars.