Review of Solaris Healthcare Coconut Creek

1 Star User Review

I cannot recommend this facility, The Health Center of Coconut Creek, to anyone looking for a safe, healthy place for their loved one because of my personal experience. The facts are that my mother got two serious bacterial diseases there despite going there only for physical therapy before returning to her home. She was transferred from the hospital to THC to regain some strength and balance and was ready to be released after one week there since she was walking on her own, throwing a ball, etc. However, she contracted pneumonia and C Difficile, Clostridium Difficile, a life-threatening bacterial infection of the colon while at THC. The nurse on the night she became so ill had a thermometer that was not calibrated correctly, and only after my brother, who is a medical professional, showed her the correct temperature on his mercury thermometer did she get a different thermometer and realize that my mother’s body temperature was close to 103 degrees, not 101 as her thermometer was reading. That’s a critical difference. Instead of moving my mother to a hospital, the doctor decided to treat her at THC. She did receive the correct oral and intravenous antibiotics but was not put on the recommended clear liquid diet, and she was discharged after two weeks when her stool culture was negative. No further cultures were done. The biggest problem is that she was discharged by the doctor at THC without any follow-up antibiotics given to her and also without any prescriptions for follow-up oral antibiotics. In addition, she still had diarrhea at THC before she was discharged which is a red flag. When we asked about that, we were told, “It will go away soon.” One week later she was in the hospital again, more ill than before, because the C Diff had not been cured. She never recovered from this second debilitating round of C Diff. When she went into THC, she was healthy, continent, and physically able to take care of herself. She contracted the diseases there that eventually took her life. As stated by the attending doctors at Bethesda West Hospital when she was taken there by ambulance after THC discharged her, she should have been sent to the hospital to be treated when she contracted pneumonia and C Diff at THC. She wasn’t. She also should have been given a course of antibiotics to take at home instead of stopped cold turkey when she was discharged from THC. She wasn’t given them, and this had disastrous, heartbreaking results for her and our family. Beware! Ratings don’t tell the entire story, but personal experiences from patients’ loved ones do.