Review of Solaris Healthcare Coconut Creek

1 Star User Review

My family and I are extremely dissapointed in the nursing care our loved one recived at this facility. The communication between the staff and patient was very poor. The family members that were listed were never contacted by this facility for a meeting to discuss anything at all. The patient had no idea of the plan of care to be expected by the nursing staff and therefore was in total limbo the time they were there. The lack of care and concern for the patient is totally unacceptarble The therapy department did a great job and was the saving grace for the patient! We are thankful for that! This facility looks good according to the star rating, however they must present a different set of standards to the state than the ones they set on a daily basis. I am very objective and know that patient care can be an extremely difficult job! I would suggest that this facility hire some additional nursing staff that has the loving care of their patients at heart. After all the love, respect, and care of our elderly is a very important part of all of our lives!