Review of Deerfield Beach Health and Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

My father was transferred to this facility on the recommendation of his attending physician at the nearby Broward Health hospital. Given the credentials of the doctor, we did not question this decision, until we arrived.

This facility is subpar on multiple fronts:

1) Incompetent/disengaged/unprofessional staff - the nurses and OT/PT were fine but the other support staff (with whom you will primarily interact) were beyond awful. They were slow to respond to calls (30 minutes being the norm for a response), they badmouthed other staff in full view of patients, were generally lax in every interaction, did not wear medical gloves when providing medication. Same staff that clean the facilities also provide the food - within minutes of each activity. Staff congregates at the main nurses station talking and unconcerned, while all around calls are going off for attention.

2) The conditions in the facility were very dirty. Ants and terrible stench throughout. After multiple requests to have maintenance take care of the insect issue went without response, I finally brought in my own spray from home to keep the ants at bay. Also saw cockroaches in full view (not just hiding in corners!) The halls are filled with a stench of urine.

3) Witnessed on several occasions residents' calls going on answered, so that you hear moaning and cries throughout the day in the hallways. Also, within an hour of arrival, I witnessed a resident - who had been calling out for at least an hour - in his room, on the floor, on his back, with blood pooled on the ground. When the nurses, who could clearly hear his cries, were alerted, the EMS had to be called and he was taken away on a stretcher.

In summary this place is horrendous. Do not send anyone you care about here. It is a place that people will clearly get sicker and are put in harm's way.