Review of Deerfield Beach Health and Rehabilitation Center

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This facility is poorly run. Staff is inadequate. There have been 12 administrators in 3 years. Now what does that say? Nurses present with a no care attitude. You can tell that there is no cohesion within departments, as they are always transferring you to the next department as if no one wants to handle any issue. The present administrator is extremely inappropriate for management. She does not have any people skills or customer service skills. The facility is beautiful however most staff need to be demoted or replaced in other departments. Most patients are not attended to timely and have to sit in waste for hours at a time. This is definitely not the place where you want your family member or even your worst enemy to be taken care of. Please think again and don't let that girl in admissions office fool you into bringing your family member there.

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I agree with you whole heartedly!! They refused to believe me that the meds that they had listed for my husband, upon admission, would kill him. I'm pretty sure after 11years with Parkinsons I know what my husband can and cannot take! Called me a bitch behind my back…didn't know my daughter was standing there!! No one smiles or seems to actually care for the patients…why become a nurse??? Roaches every where…stole my husbands cell phone…no rails on his bed and he was a fall risk!!?? Terrible terrible place!!!